About Us

Bidders Registry was created by Martin Snytsheuvel, a long time (12/1998) Internet Producer with hundreds of internet properties to his credit. Martin knowing that a solid unbiased free feedback system resource would need to be created with a professional maintenance staff was long overdue. An online source for sellers to report and quickly research bidders’ feedback to guide them towards trustworthy valid buyers. We can credit Pierre Omidyar’s applied feedback concept back in 09/1995 when he understood the value of feedback for buyers and sellers. His solution however in 2008 would change that procedure where sellers would no longer be able to leave, neutral or negative feedback about their own transactions. This one policy change now enabled buyers to be unaccountable for their bidding practices and would cause sellers substantial losses. Good feedback is also used by sellers to certify that the bidder has a great bidder history. With Feedback being so integral to the seller experience, it is easy to understand why this BIDDER REGISTRY is so important. Sellers need to protect themselves from fraudulent bidders, nonpaying bidders, and those that do not meet with their own terms and conditions. Martin knows that a source that auction houses can trust and one that shares the experiences of bidders from all over the world is needed. Sellers are looking for legitimate bidders and they need a source where they can seek the status of bidders with just a click. Therefore “BIDDER REGISTRY,” was created. A sellers resource. Martin says, “know who’s bidding on your auctions!”

1. Legitimate Feedback

Auction Companies whether a smaller mom and pop operation in the corn fields and farms of Iowa or a large online national auction house like Ritchie Brothers the auction business is their livelihood. Legitimate bidder procedures and feedback is important to maintain the profitability and integrity of any auction company. Bidder Registry is an important component to any licensed company that receives bids. Receiving competent bids on all their items is important, however receiving a fraudulent bid or one from an individual who has a history of “No Pay,” can be devastating depending on the ending bid amount of the item. Bidder Registry helps auction companies see bidder history and who is bidding on their items and especially when they are more expensive items. Always a plus to know if what their chances of a full follow of a live bidder.

2. Issues

The buyer is always right, as the saying goes. Sure, but with this logic they need to follow through with all bidding commitments. All licensed auction houses are not in the storage business. They need to locate their auction items, catalog, and photograph them and then hold an auction. Whether an estate sale on location or at their own location the items need to be sold and picked up as directed. The need for this Bidder Registry is to help these auction sellers know who their bidders are, and this registry helps them validate any of their bidders. Issues of why a bidder status may be classified as a “Bad Bidder,” can be an innocent circumstance such as a “Medical Episode,” and not only are most Auction Houses sympathetic to issues such as this but once advised of a valid issue such as this will remove that person from any Bad Bidder list. We here are Bidder Registry are also sympathetic to similar issues and have a complaint form on the site that any bidder can fill out and Bidder Registry where we will evaluate the information on the form and evaluate on its own the validity of the Bad Bidder report and move accordingly to remove that status from our registry. With this said fraud, buyer’s remorse, inability to pay and no pickup are issues that are extremely valid to be on our Bidder Registry list and even with complaint will not be removed.

3. Request Feedback revision

Feedback revision is done in two ways. The best way is for the bidder contact the auction house where they bid on the items and then for any reason were added to the Bidder Registry list and ask them for removal. If the bidder buyer feels they have not reached an amicable resolution, they the bidder are invited to fill out our complaint form for an unbiased review of their situation. If Bidder Registry looks at the terms and conditions of that “Licensed Auction Company,” and determines that they did not follow their own listed terms and conditions in any way the bidder will be removed from the bidder registry. With this said if the auction company did follow within their own listed terms and conditions the possibility of any revision is unlikely.

4. Buyer - Seller Responsibilities

The bidder buyer is required to seek and determine all auction companies of choice terms and conditions are before bidding and buying from that auction company. It is imperative, “BEFORE BIDDING ON ANY ITEMS,” the bidder does this. Furthermore, if there are any doubts about the auction item/s or the procedures of bidding or acquiring the item or payment and the alike then it is the bidder’s responsibility to reach out to the seller and ask questions. This must be done before you bid. All auction items that are listed may have, “additional terms” listed with the description of the item that should be read and understood before bidding on the item. This information would be in addition to the Auction Companies “Terms and Conditions.”
The seller is bound by good business practice/s, listing, and following their own terms and conditions, and, collecting payment, representing and delivering any and all of their auction items accurately and flawlessly as outlined. This is the seller’s obligation. Any Auction Companies that are found to not follow this and their own policies will not be able to view or list any bidders’ information on this site. Sellers must meet this standard before they can report any bidder status.


Bidder Registry was created due to help protect Licensed Auction Companies and Other Licensed Companies that sell items by auction. These companies need an outlet that helps them understand the quality of their bidders. This website is an exclusive (only licensed businesses have access to the registry) unbiased resource. Auction companies now can list their bidder’s status for themselves to review and other auction houses to review when accepting bids on any of their items. This helps their own profitability, it creates confidence in the acceptance of bids, minimize auction company losses and creates a much better environment for solid bidders that are not bid out by “No Sale,” “fraudulent and nonpaying bidders.”