Now you can manage your buyers, bidders and improve your selling when reviewing and adding to this list. Make your move. Looking for those bidders that are sure to disappoint? Ready to finally access a current and valid list of deadbeat bidders? Today could be the day that your auction house moves to the next level. Avoid bidders who are intent on chargebacks, fake bidding, no intention of paying and improper returns.

This premier website, “BIDDER REGISTRY” has been created exclusively for licensed businesses that participate in the auction business. Here you will be able to see bidder status that has been reported by Auction Houses from all over the world. This will enable your auction house to make clear decisions on whether to restrict or enable any bidders for your auctions. You will have the ability to seek and review the Bidders Registry to help make solid decisions on who you would have bid on your auctions. Quick and fast, you can you use the search bar by placing the potential bidders name to see the results. Is this person on the bad bidders list?

Bidder Registry also encourages that companies that run Auctions to use the free addition of their own bidder lists, good or bad to notify and inform other auction companies of the value of their bidders and their bidders’ history. All services for this website’s information are at no cost for your licensed business. It is a free service. Martin the founder says, “It’s always good to know who is bidding on your auctions!”

Only Auction Companies can access the information here, this site is not open to the buying public. There is no reason that a private non-business entity needs to access these lists.